A Homeless Shelter Where Residents Support Themselves By Working In A Huge Organic Garden


Organic food is unfortunately considered to be a luxury by some people, although nutritious food should be accessible to everyone. As a result, the management staff of a homeless shelter in Atlanta decided to support their residents in growing their own vegetables. Currently, this shelter is home to a large rooftop garden. The residents of the shelter planted this garden that is expected to eventually yield a great amount of healthy greens.

Organic food is more expensive than processed meats and snacks which, by comparison, are so much unhealthier. Apparently, an American will spend up to an extra $550 dollars per year for eating healthy, besides what he already spends on processed food. Even though discounted snacks are beneficial from a financial point of view, the long-term consequences on your health are not desirable.





Organic-Garden-homeless-6 Metro Atlanta Task Force For The Homeless

The Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless initiated this program so that homeless people have access to organic food. Nowadays, residents are responsible for 80 garden beds, which produce from carrots, chard and squash, to kale and some other vegetables.

Besides managing this garden, the Task Force also supports a 24-hour hotline, a transitional shelter, and casework services. Another major accomplishment is that all residents involved in this program will eventually develop new skills, such as gardening and marketing skills, which could help them get into the labor force easier.

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