How to Make a Pumpkin Planter


Even though pumpkins are famous for their Halloween applicability, truth is they could be used for plenty of other projects, not including delicious pies and other recipes. With autumn being the season you can get all of the fresh pumpkins available, we suggest you make this awesome decorating project. In the next tutorial, you can read just how to make a pumpkin planter in a few hours. Besides the gutted pumpkin itself, you will require a knife, some ribbon, floral wire and obviously flowers. Look at the finished result and how great it will decorate your own living or kitchen. It can make the difference between a plain room and a fall-inspired enclosure. Follow the step-by-step instructions and try to transform an ordinary pumpkin into a beautiful planter. And if you like how it improves your décor, don’t forget to share this DIY project with your friends or neighbors!

Shelley Wigglesworth from Yankee Magazine show us Directions for Making a Pumpkin Planter..

You”ll need:

Pumpkin or gourd
Sharp knife or pumpkin carving tool
Newspaper to cover the work surface
Potting soil
Fresh or artificial seasonal flowers, plants, and accessories

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