9 Pest-Fighting Flowers That Are Great For Your Garden

If you have problems with insects you should select certain plants that can help you with this issue. Various flowers contain proprieties that either attract insects or repel those that are harmful to your vegetables. Sometimes even insects can be beneficial for your garden, an example being the ladybug and the praying mantis.

If you decide to use these flowers you will eventually reduce the amount of pesticides and workload needed in your garden. By using a small amount of pesticides, the beneficial insects will also be protected and, in return, will help you in controlling bad bugs. However, you should be aware of the fact that every garden is different. What works in some might not work in yours. The climate, soil, and pests differ from one area to another. Just try various strategies in order to discover what fits your situation best.

With regards to the “fighting flowers”, you should take a look at the examples bellow and see which of them could work for your garden.



This herb is known for deterring hornworms and cabbage worms, while also helping other plants to increase their resistance to diseases and pests.

Their flower heads are large, in colors such as white, yellow or pink. These flowers are quite useful in fighting pests. Sometimes they are transformed into pesticide which is used to kill nematodes and repel Japanese beetles.


These flowers can be found in various shapes and colors, a frequent choice for gardens because of their beauty and usefulness, since they are also known to repel nematodes.


Four O’Clocks

These flowers attract and kill Japanese beetles, thus being an amazing bait flower that you can place close to your vegetables. On the other hand, you should be careful when planting them since they are poisonous to both pets and people.



An overall great pest repellent flower to plant in your garden. It repels not only fleas, but also moths. Furthermore, it can protect other plants from whiteflies.

This is probably the most famous plant for repelling insects. Some of them, such as French marigolds, rebel whiteflies and kill nematodes. While others, such as the Mexican marigolds, are known to “bug” a lot of bad insects. There are marigold flowers with and without scent, but the scented ones are better for pest deterrents. Unfortunately, besides driving away many bugs, it also attracts spider mites and snails.


If planted close to tomatoes and cucumbers they can be really efficient in fighting off aphids, whiteflies, squash bugs, and cucumber beetles. The yellow blooming ones act as a trap for aphids.

Petunias can repel asparagus beetles, leafhoppers, aphids, tomato hornworms, and others.


Probably the largest flower to have in your garden, and a great way to attract beneficial pollinators.

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