Chicken Coop Projects

If you have a little free spot in your backyard, a chicken coop would be an option to fill that space. Raising chickens can be quite ingenious, as you will always have fresh and healthy eggs at home and you will also be having pets around the house. After you cleaned the spot, you can build your very own chicken coop, that will protect these small animals from the bad weather. This way you can make the coop the size you want, depending on the number of chickens you want to raise and you can give the coop any aspect you want. By raising chickens at home, you can also control what they eat and this can benefit your health too. Take a look at the images below, where you’ll find a selection of great chicken coop ideas and build one yourself.


1. How to Build a Simple Chicken Coop << (details)


2. Deluxe Chicken Coop << (details)


3. Hobbit Hole Chicken Coop << (details)


4. DIY Backyard Chicken Coop << (details)


5. PVC Chicken Feeder << (details)


6. How To Make A Chicken Coop With Pallets << (details)


7. Chicken Paradise


8. The garden-roof coop << (details)




10. The Chicken Coop << (details)


11. Chicken Coop made from a trampoline frame


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