Old Farmer’s Almanac Predicts An Alarming Number of Snowstorms This Winter

Since ancient times, people have tried to predict the future, explain natural phenomena and made mystical predictions about the world surrounding us.
There are publications nowadays which are still trying to predict what will happen with humanity and one of them is The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Its 2020 editions issued a warning sign to Americans that a “bone-chilling” and extremely cold winter is heading their way.
The issue also predicts at least seven coast to coast snowstorms and it says that this winter will go down in history as one of the most extreme.

The snowstorms will go on until April and many areas will be affected by the heavy snowing.

Meteorologists are skeptical about the predictions made by The Old Farmer’s Almanac and consider them to have no scientific basis, but according to its editors, they usually have an 80% accuracy. They claimed to have found a top-secret formula that helps them predict future events and it was invented in 1792 by their founder, Robert B. Thomas.

The Almanac also claims to use science for their predictions, as they have studied climatology and solar science in advance and have a section on their website where they teach people how to predict the weather with the help of nature.

Many parts of the country will enjoy a white Christmas and a white Thanksgiving this year… and the snowstorms won’t stop until mid-April, the Almanac forebodes:

“This snow-verload will include storms pummeling Washington state and points eastward across the northern-tier states into Michigan.
For the Northwest, this could mean arepeat of last winter’s Snow-pocalypse that dumped 20.2 inches on Seattle in February.
The middle of the country and New England can bank on a slush fund, as more wet than white conditions will leave sludgy messes that freeze during the overnights.
Meanwhile, much of the Deep South will be saturated by soakers.”

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